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Masculine & Feminine Workshop

Explore your Inner World

Mothers Talking

Discover the Relationship Between Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

A 2-day weekend workshop where you will encounter your inner masculine and feminine and discover maybe for the first time how they are relating to each and potentially causing mayhem in your life.

You will learn how to create a healthier inner relationship which will help ensure your external relationships are more rewarding.

For details of the next workshop email the link below.


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Workshop Series - Introduction to your Inner World

A series of 4 workshops designed to help you explore your inner world and transform it into a conscious spiritual life, which can change your whole outlook.

Workshop 1 - You will discover the you that you currently present to the world and gain an understanding of why and how you do that.

Workshop 2 - Building on the previous workshop theme, by the use of guided imagery you will explore your life's journey thus far which can help to reveal your current attitude to life and also help to reveal thought and behaviour patterns holding you back.

Workshop 3 - You will explore your inner world in more depth and experience the inner personalities who live there and push for attention often causing confused reactions and decisions.

Workshop 4 - Having had some experience of who you are, where you have been and why from your experiences of the previous workshops, this workshop will help you explore what holds you back.

For more information on any of the above workshops please email the link below.


You are not alone - Discussion Group

Many women struggle when they have their first child. Suddenly the world becomes chaotic, unpredictable and the tasks are relentless. You have suddenly become instantly interruptable and worse, night & day merge into one.

The sad thing is that many women often fail to acknowledge their struggle to each other possibly due to fear of being judged. They secretly feel they are failing and should be coping.

There is often a sense of "I am just about coping-ish" so the idea of sharing thatstruggle creates an anxiety, particularly when you meet with other mothers who appear to be enjoying motherhood and show no apparent signs of distress.

The reality for most mothers is that a new baby breaks down the person we thought we were and this can feel very scary and even dangerous. Many women feel they are going mad. There is no room in their life anymore to be themselves.

However, having a baby provides an opportunity for us to start a new phase in our lives, one in which we can develop and grow as individuals as we develop into our mothering role.

Sandra periodically runs a discussion group in Little Sutton Ellesmere Port.

Contact by email for any forthcoming dates.

Alternatively email Sandra direct if you would like to explore these issues in individual therapy.


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