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At some point in their lives, most people will suffer from some form of anxiety or depression which could lead them to seek counselling.

Anxiety and depression are signs that either we do not fully understand the full meaning of something which has or is happening to us, or that we are finding it hard to understand why we feel or act the way we do as a result.

Counselling can be long or short term and is problem or task focused. Counselling happens when a client meets with a Counsellor after having identified a problem or difficulty in which they need help or support. The difficulties experienced tend to be in their relationships, or where their behaviour or someone else's is causing them difficulties, or when they have experienced a loss of some kind.

During the sessions the Counsellor helps the individual to explore their problems in a confidential and impartial manner to help see them in a new way. In time, this helps the individual to reach an understanding of their problem, which then allows them to find a solution to it.

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Young People Looking for Help

If you are a young person who cannot afford to pay for counselling privately and do not feel able to approach your GP for assistance please be aware of the wonderful work carried out by Connexions, who are a charity that provides confidential help and support to young people.

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