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The Menopause

What's it all about?

Most people are familiar with the common symptoms of menopause such as night-sweats, mood swings and hot flashes. However, menopause is called "the change" for some very fundamental reasons noteably the changes in hormone production as your body moves from the fertile years of womanhood into perimenopause and finally postmenopause.

This hormonal transition can produce many unpleasant and surprising symptoms which can take over our lives unless we start to take stock and change our lifestyle. See symptoms.

However the other changes occurring are in the brain and how it functions. These changes in the brain mean that possibly for the first time ever you suddenly start to focus on you rather than your partner or children.

You find you can no longer sacrifice your time, sleep, body or emotional health for others. This is your time.

The emotional changes can bring with them significant emotional turmoil and unfortunately many women dismiss their "mood" as being unreasonable when in reality if she were to take time to understand her feelings she will realise for a long time she has ignored her needs for the sake of keeping the peace.

Relationships are inevitably challenged during this time mainly because women often do not undersand what is happening to them let alone being able to explain it to their partners.

Menopause is not an illness or a disease although it can often feel like it.

Talking to someone who understands the process can help normalise the myriad of symptoms and feelings.

If you would like to arrange some individual therapy to explore menopausal symptoms, please email Sandra direct by clicking the link below.


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