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Image Gallery for EMDR

EMDR and creating a Safe Place

When working with EMDR it is important to first of all create an inner safe place.  This means that should the process of EMDR become too difficult for you to manage, either in the session or outside of the session, you have an ability to calm yourself down by engaging with a safe landscape you have created for yourself.  This will ensure you are not overwhelmed and can self regulate at times of extreme emotion.  This helps you feel emotionally safe.

Lake Landscape
Mountain Lake


Not everyone has a visual imagination.  Perhaps your imagination is felt more in your body as a relaxation or comfortable feeling of letting go.

Visions of Nature

However, creating an inner safe place to start EMDR is a crucial step in helping you feel in control of your reactions to the process.  Therefore if you can create an inner world, based on natural landscapes it will help you more easily relax.

Snowcapped Mountains
Autumn Forest

Visions of Nature

Have a look at these images and see if any one of them stimulates a place in nature that appeals to you and see if you can relax just imagining you are immersed in that landscape.

Green landscape with mountains in the background
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